Dear skippers and customers, Your dream, your safe leisure time on the yacht is our business. Stainless steel V4A is our material, which we manufacture in a creative way and in best quality.

Our employees themselves are skippers and knew well what is important for you.

This catalogue is the 6th issue and shows our power of innovation andproductivity, not only in nautical parts. Please see, Architecture and

Design. We have experiences in mass production and also in very special individual, case, because we are the manufacturer: you can have all articles exactly custom made for your yacht.

If you’ll not find the stainless steel fitting you are looking for, so do not hesitate, contact us. We are able to construct and produce your idea!

Orientation & Energy

Anchors & Accessories

Sunshade on Board

Moving on Board

Moving Boarding – Come alongside

Mast Lowering & Tenderlift

Deck Hardware


Standard Parts