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Mast Lowering system

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Mast Lowering system

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Mast Lowering System up to 36 feet sailing yachts

Do you need an easy and safe working system to lower your mast? High quality and good looking? Than we are your partner. We offer two different systems. Please look at these pictures and descriptions. It’s very important that the deck is stable enough (on both sides near the mast) to lead the pressure of the lowering system into the hull. Mostly there are chain plates. The fitting area around the mast foot has to be very stable, too. The mast foot itself needs a solid but turnable support (our patent!). We bring your mast down, from daysailor up to 36-feet-yacht.

Mast Lowering System with turning point under the boom

Here you see your first mast lowering system. It works with masts up to 16 m length and weight of 220 kg. You can imagine that a very stable mast foot is needed. We work with stainless steel V4A. The second one are two arms for extra shrouds to stable the mast when lowering. The last is the shearleg with the tackle and winch. We add every time a special headstay-joint to bring the shearleg down. That helps to pass lower bridges or so.

Shearleg leading inside the mast slot – turning point over the boom

Our second product to lower a mast is for smaller yachts: Use the mast slot to lead the V4A-construction. See the pictures for example this Biga 242. The mast turning point is higher than the boom gooseneck. An extra tackle behind the mast helps to bring the mast up and down easily. We have the experience, the right material and the “know-how”. Contact us if you want a mast lowering system. We are your partner and answer all of your questions.


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